2018 / Maletiempu

Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro

2018 / Maletiempu
  • 2018
  • Dodicilune

 With this third album "Maletiempu", the duo continues to revive the songs of the tradition of the south of Italy with a modern sensibility, without neglecting to provide a personal and original contribution. The disc includes three unpublished works ("Maletiempu", "Occhi", "Zumpettana"), six pieces from various regional traditions ("Nunna Nanna", "Tanti Suspiri", "Janni Dell'Uorto", "Lu Cunigghiu", "Tempesta", "Ninna Nanna"), "Cosa Sono the nuvole" of Pierpaolo Pasolini and Domenico Modugno, and "Attesa" of author-composer Salentino.

"In our daily life, we observe the crucial role of emigration.We learn from the past, to project it to an uncertain future", says Eraldo Martucci in the booklet of the album. "The natural instinct to preserve our traditions is always present, we are moving towards another territory, but the nuances and the flavor of our place of origin are preserved. This leads us to the simplest consciousness: even far from with us, we always surround ourselves with what we remember or remember at home, and art, in this case that of sounds, appears as what has always been a universal language: the voice, the musical instruments and the notes have been traveling for centuries, not only a vertical journey, with the transmission of its assets from one generation to another, but also an unusual horizontal mobility, in space, from one country to another", continues Eraldo Martucci. "Particularly in popular songs, where the distance of the centuries and places vanishes as if by magic, finding a new and fresh life thanks to the voice of Rachele Andrioli and the accordion of Rocco Nigro. This production is influenced by the experience of the duo in recent years outside the territory, confronted with local realities encountered along the way, a kind of "emigration" that allowed them to bring their own habitat and to implement it, from the meeting with other cultures, a mobile musical house, therefore, obviously rich in popular music of the south and in particular of Salento, their native region ".


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