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Driss El Maloumi in concert:
- 06 April in Paris (F), Philharmonie (sold out)
- 08 April in Zürich (CH), Moods Club
- 03 May in Le Crès/Montpellier (F), L'Agora (Caravane Arabesques)
Driss El Maloumi performs with percussionists Lahoucine Baqir and Saïd El Maloumi with whom he recorded the album "Makan" in 2014 (Contre-Jour).
30 March: Las Hermanas Caronni in Gotein (F)
06 April: Driss El Maloumi in Paris (F), Philharmonie
07 April: Gerardo Jerez Le Cam quartet in Pontchateau (F), Carré d'Argent
08 April: Driss El Maloumi in Zürich (CH), Moods Club
10 April: Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro in Stans (CH), Stansermusiktage
03 May: Driss El Maloumi in Le Crès/Montpellier (F), L'Agora (Caravane Arabesques)
18 May: L'Alba in Saujon (F), Mai Musical
20 June: Tal y Tali in Paris (F), Festival des Cultures Juives
23 June: Louisa Baileche in Paris (F), Semaine Italienne
27 June: Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro in Paris (F)
30 June: Rachele Andrioli e Rocco Nigro in Tulle (F), Nuits de Nacre